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WQ Y Sewage Pump

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Submersible trash pump [WQ(D)Y7T]
1. Product Introduction of the Submersible trash pump [WQ(D)Y7T]
Product Overview
Successed new generation of high delivery cutting pump,as overturned the disadvantage of traditional sewage pump, cutting pump,integrated the advantage of clean water pump, sewage pump, cutting pump and oil-immersed motor, adopted the most advanced cutting structure, with large flow, high delivery, strong cleaning ability, well deserved the most ideal & practical cutting pump and the best-selling products beyond the user’s expectation.Operating Conditions
1.Application Voltage 150~230V (Start by 80V / 380V
2.Sewage/Clean water, the temperature can not exceed 40℃
3.PH of water : 4 ~ 10
4.Frequency : 50Hz, Voltage : single-phase 220V,
three-phase 380V
5.Range of voltage fluctuation: ± 10% of the rating
6.Immersion depth can not more than 5m and can not lower than the height of pump.
Widely used in construction sites, mines and factories,septic tanks,municipal environmental protection and so on,can be used for sewage with long fiber, plastic bag,cloth, rope and leaves.more can be used in clear water irrigation and drainage.
2.Product Parameter(Specification)of the Submersible trash pump [WQ(D)Y7T]
3.Product Feature And Application of the Submersible trash pump [WQ(D)Y7T]
Garden water
Farmland Irrigation
Landscape Fountion
Domestic Water
Sewage Discharge
Industrial Water
4.Production Details of the Submersible trash pump [WQ(D)Y7T]

5.Product Qualification of the Submersible trash pump [WQ(D)Y7T]
6.Inst allation,use and points for attention of the Submersible trash pump [WQ(D)Y7T]
1. Check nameplate and confirm if actual use conditions conform to specification and propreties specified in the nameplate.
2. Before using pump, please completely check if cable, plug and pump body is in sound condition, if bolts in all parts loose and if oil oozes out of pump shell. If find broken or damaged parts,you should replace them to avoid work in spite of fault.
3. Test and measure if the fluctuation scope of voltage is within ?10% of the rated voltage. Otherwise, it will decreae life of motor or even spoil motor. If the place where pump is used is far away from elctricc source, you should use suitable thicker conveyer wire (please see to it that diameter of conveyer wire should be thicker than source lead-in wire of pump). When voltage of power source is too low, may cause the results that pump draws no water out or draw water out very siowly after pump is plunged into water and switched on. At the moment, no-load start is suggested, you can sink pump into water when it has operated well.
Q. What’s your delivery time? If i need products very urgent, how can i get it?
A: Our delivery time usually within 20-25workdays, and urgent order please check with our sales and who will offer a good delivery time for you according to your urgent request by express shipping.
Q: Can I get some samples?
A:We are pleased to offer you samples.
Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a factory.WQ Y Sewage Pump

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