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wholesale Puerh Tea

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Origin: Mannong village, Yunnan province, China
Elevation: 1,400 — 1,850m
This vintage tea consists of aged shu pu-erh that is compressed into a cake and packed in traditional bamboo leaf bundles called a tong. This reserve pu-erh tea is released only when it is ready. A deep garnet infusion with a dense, opaque liquor bears a mellow sweetness that drinks remarkably smooth with a rich earth body.
There are two types of pu-erh tea: Sheng (raw, green) and Shu (ripe, dark). Both originate from a rustic sun-dried green tea called Shaiqing. Ancient Pu-erh Palace is our top grade of Shu Pu-erh, and is made using leaves picked from ancient tea trees that are hundreds of years old.
Like fine wine, Pu-erh tea has the ability to be aged and released in vintages. Young Shu Pu-erh teas (2-3 years) typically have an assertive body and bold strength. The body and mouthfeel become richer and more integrated as the Shu Pu-erh continues to age from 4-8 years.
Tasting Notes
Mellow and smooth with a pleasantly sweet, earthy flavor.
Traditional Brewing
Recommended Brewing Vessel: Gaiwan or Clay Teapot
Fill Teapot with an 8-10g piece of tea cake.
Briefly rinse leaves with hot water. Discard water. Rinse once more. Discard again.
Slowly fill teapot with water 200°F Infuse for 20 seconds
Multiple Infusions: 2nd 30 sec | 3rd 30 seconds | 4+ add 10 seconds per infusion
Tea samples Information
1, We can according to our customer taste requirement to make samples to them
2, We can according to our customer target price to find suitable quality teas to them
3, Tea samples can be send out to our customer within 3 days once their confirmed
4, Samples will be marked with all details like tea name,Unite Price,Our contact information and so on.
Puerh Tea Make Process
1). Sea shipping
2). Railway shipping
3). Air shipping is available, suggested for urgent order between 50kg to 150kg
4). Courier shipping by EMS, DHL, FEDEX, CHINA POST, TNT, UPS for small orders below 50kg.
Logo and Pack
OEM & ODM package and customized logo
— We accept via Escrow, Credit card, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
— Please send the payment within 3 days after Auction end.
— Please verify your shipping address before making payment.wholesale Puerh Tea

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