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White Oil manufacturers

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In August,2016,Mr Jiao,president of Qingdao Sainuo New Material Co.,Ltd,estabilished the preliminary idea of plastic industry chain alliance system.
In May,2017,affiliated companies and organizational structure is built.Preparatory group for Qingdao Sino United New Material Co.,Ltd is established.
On November 2nd,2017,Qingdao Sino United New Material Co.,Ltd is formally established.
Corporate Share Holder:
Qingdao Sainuo New Material Co.,Ltd
Zibo Aochi Industrial and Trading Co.,Ltd
Shandong Zhuoyi Rubber and Plastic Co.,Ltd
Qingdao Cyberrun Chemical Co.,Ltd
Zibo Zezhong Trading Co.,Ltd
Shijiazhuang Xirong Machinery Co.,Ltd
Factory Introduction
With 10 million registered fund,Qingdao Sino United New Material Co.,Ltd is a PVC industrial chain exported alliance which is jointly established by many leading enterprises in China.It is a service enterprise focusing on the plastic industry.We own 8 large modern production bases,11 national patent technologies and technical team composed by 18 senior experts who have 15 years experience in PVC industry.At present,we established PVC industrial chain business division,Filler masterbatch business division,we have professional foreign trade team with 30 members,and domestic sales team with 23 members.We have mature product formulation system.According to the situation of your enterprise,we can help you to achieve a rapid and stable development via field visiting,factory directing,product developing,equipment purchasing,production training,management supporting,raw material supplying,technical one-by-one providing,etc.You can experience one-step PVC supporting platform.PVC industrial china helps you to integrate into the ecological closed-loop and break through the bottleneck in early time!
The products our company manage
The company’s main products are all kinds of plastic raw materials, Plastic additives, pvc production equipments, filler masterbatch production equipments, Technical formulation consulting service for plastics enterprises, Industrial chain financial services, Investment service in plastics enterprises and so on.
The specific products in our company:
1.PVC production equipment: PVC granulating set, Cone twin screw extruder, Parallel twin screw extruder, PVC profile production line, PVC sheet production line, PVC gusset production line, PVC pipe production line, PVC wood plastic production line, PVC stone plastic production line, PVC wood plastic foam production line, PVC floor leather production line.
2.Filler Masterbatch production equipment: Single screw extrusion granulator, double screw extrusion granulator, three screw extruding granulator, continuous mixer, Miscellaneous equipment, color masterbatch production line, modified plastic production line, pe wax production line, coupling agent production line, crosslinked cable production line, recycling granulation, crushing and grinding equipment and so on.
3.PE,PP productions processing line: hollow plaid production line, sheet production line, Single-layer and multi-layer co-extruded film unit, PE pipes and gas line production line, pe drip irrigation and micro spray production line , mulching films、green house films、mulch and lining bags blow molding production line, wire weaving pruduction line, injection machine and so on.
4. All kinds of plastic materials: PE, PP, PVC resin, CPVC, ABS, PA,PC and all other kinds of plastics.
5.PVC stabilizer: pvc calcium zinc stabilizer, pvc lead salt stabilizer and pvc organic tin stabilizer.
6. Lubricant series: PE WAX, paraffin wax, stearic acid, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, pvc internal lubricant and external lubricant.
7. pvc Plasticizer series: DOP, DBP, DOTP, DOS, DOA, Soybean oil, Epoxy Methyl, white oil, chlorinated paraffin.
8.other addictives: CPE, ACR, MBS, foaming agent, antioxidant, uv resistant agent, antistatic agent, flame retardant, optical brightening agent, flexibilizer,brightener, foaming regulator and coupling agent.
9. Paint toner: titanium white, carbon black, Phthalein cyanine, Phthalein green, ultramarine and so on.
10.Injection molding filler, the brushed filler material, blown film filler material, defoaming masterbatch, masterbatch, anti-aging mother grain, anti-fog masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, rheological masterbatch.
Application range:
pvc profile, pvc pipes, PVC hard material and board, PVC soft products, PVC consumer goods, PVC coated products, PVC foaming products, Wood plastic products, Recyled material, masterbatch, filler masterbatch, PE blown film products, Plastic injection molding, Woven bag, and tarpaulins and so on.
Processing equipment:
We have cooperated with the following customers for 5-6 years.

Our services
Pvc one-step purchasing services
1. on-the-spot investigation
2. factory guide
3. equipment purchasing
4. operation instruction
5. management support
6. raw material supply
7. engineers will go abroad for technical guidance or by video
8. Post maintenance
9. Raw materials crowdfunding activities.
10. Industrial chain financial services.White Oil manufacturers

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