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Vertical Grow Rack


Benefits of vertical growth:
1. Maximize vertical and horizontal growing space;
2. Increase productivity;
3. Increase profits;
4. One person can easily move your racks with a smooth hand crank, labor saving. Thus, easy cultivation operation by moving the racks.
5. Besides Vertical Grow Racks, we Sichuan Precision Co., Ltd., can supply you LED Grow Light, Rock wool and bucket together.
Material Details and size for 4ft*8ft Vertical Grow Racks:
Vertical Column50*65*1.5mmHigh Strength SteelPowder Coated Finish
Vertical Column Diagonal Connector20*40*1.0mmHigh Strength SteelPowder Coated Finish
Vertical Column Standard Connector30*60*1.0mmHigh Strength SteelPowder Coated Finish
Square Side Support Beam40*60*1.2mmHigh Strength SteelPowder Coated Finish
P-Shape Side Support Beam40*60*1.2mmHigh Strength SteelPowder Coated Finish
Bearing Beam30*30*1.0mmHigh Strength SteelHot Dip Galvanized
Lights Support Beams25*25*1.0mmHigh Strength SteelHot Dip Galvanized
Base Mechanical Assist Carriage2.5mmHigh Strength SteelPowder Coated Finish
Rail20*20mmSquare Steel barPowder Coated Finish
Rack Height : 10ft or Customized
L*W Dimension :4ftx8ft or Customized
No. of Grow Layers: 2 or 3 or Customized, each layer with 1m or 1.5m high, up to your needs.
Tray Material : ABS Full Piece Tray or Glued Tray
Surface Finished : 6125 White Anti Fungal and Anti Microbial Finish
With LED Grow Light together as a whole solution to you, 2 layers or 3 layers height.
A system to you to save your search energy:
Flexible Height adjustment by the holes on the rack:
Anti rollover track/rail:
Shipping: Due to big size, normally by sea shipping. MOQ=10 sets.
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