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Tractor Implements and Attachments suppliers


The Tractor backhoe is used for ditching in farms and grazing lands, digging pool, cleaning waterways as well as assistant excavating work in construction and building roads.
Hydraulic transmission is used, featured with compact structure, flexibility, convenient operation and quick mounting and dismounting. It uses hydraulic oil commonly with tractor. The hydraulic elements are standardized, convenient for operation and service.
Tractor HP16-35 hp25-75 hp45-85hp50-100 hp70-125hp80-150hp
Digging depth1850 mm2150 mm2640 mm2900 mm3000 mm3500
Digging depth (to bottom)1600 mm2000 mm2500 mm2760 mm2800 mm3350
Digging height2500 mm3400 mm3510 mm3900 mm4000 mm4300
Handling height1400 mm1760 mm2000 mm2362 mm2637 mm3000
Dumping height1733 mm1878 mm1952 mm2413 mm2540 mm2770
Digging radius2800 mm3360 mm3930 mm4377 mm4586 mm4800
Digging payload1300 kg1200 kg1600 kg1900 kg2600 kg2700
Digging force790 kg950 kg1000 kg1270 kg1720 kg1900
Bucket rotation angle160掳160掳160掳150掳150掳172掳
Swing angle140掳140掳140掳160掳160掳180掳
Operation pressure16 Mpa16 Mpa16 Mpa16 Mpa16 Mpa16 Mpa
Bucket width300 mm370 mm420 mm470 mm520 mm570 mm
Bucket capacity0.03 m30.036 m30.048 m30.054 m30.06 m30.07 m3Tractor Implements and Attachments suppliers

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