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Sodium Sulfate price


1.Production Description
— Name: Sodium Sulfate
— Tech Grade: Technical Grade
— CAS: 7757-82-6
— EC number: 231-820-9
— Molecular Weight: 142.04
— Molecular formula: Na2SO4
2.Technical Index
MFG. DATE-2019-05-15
EXP. DATE-2021-05-14
APPEARANCEWhite powderWhite powder
PURITY(Na2SO4) %鈮?9.099.1
Calcium,Magnesium % (as Mg)鈮?.300.09
CHLORIDE % (as Cl)鈮?.350.28
IRON % (Fe)鈮?.0100.009
MOISTURE %鈮?.300.25
whiteness (R457) %鈮?080.3
PH VALUE6-87.2
Chemical Name: Sodium sulfate
Molecular Formula: Na2SO4
(1)Character: this reagent is colorless transparent crystal or powder, soluble in water. The crystalline or crystalline powder of a white orthogonal bipyramid. There is moisture absorption.
Sodium sulphate anhydrous
(2)Appearance and traits: monoclinic crystals, short columnar crystals, aggregates are dense blocks or shells, etc., colorless and transparent, sometimes pale yellow or green, soluble in water. White, odorless, bitter crystal or powder, hygroscopic. The shape is colorless and transparent, large crystal or small granular crystal.
1. Mainly used as a filler for dyes and additives to adjust the concentration of dyes and additives to reach the standard concentration.
2. Also can be used as direct dyes, sulfur dyes, VAT dyes in cotton dyeing agent, direct acid dyes in dyeing silk and wool animal fibers when the slow dyeing agent.
3. It can also be used as primer protectant when printing silk fabric is refined.
4. Used in the paper industry as a cooking agent in the manufacture of Kraft pulp.
5. Used in the pharmaceutical industry as an antidote for barium salt poisoning.
6. In addition, also used in glass, construction industry and other aspects
鈫?The packing and stores use the inside lining polyethylene plastic bag, and weave outside, each bag of net weight is 50kg.
鈫?Stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Should be stored with acids, etc., should not be mixed storage. The reservoir shall be provided with suitable materials for the leakage.
鈫?Shipment to complete the packing, loading should be safe. During transportation, make sure the container does not leak, does not collapse, does not fall, does not damage. With no acid edible chemical conventional mixing luck.
鈫?During transportation, should be exposed to insolation, rain, high temperature. After the vehicle is transported, thorough cleaning should be carried out.
6.CertificationSodium Sulfate price

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