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Single Crystal Silver suppliers

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Single crystal silver Cable
Single crystal silver Cable Specification
1. Product Name: 3.5mm custom made single crystal copper plated silver cable
2. Color: White
3. Plug type: 3.5mm straight plug
4. Interface: 2pin Interface
5. Item contains: Earphone cable x 1 pcs(Metal case include)
Crystal Cable makes many different cables – six complete families plus special categories – but every single one has something in common: maximum metal and minimum insulation. Ultra conductive metallurgy comes at a price, with Crystal’s silver-gold alloy and monocrystal silver conductors costing many times the alternatives. If you are going to invest in precious metal, you’d better make the most of it. The lower resistance and minimal micro distortion that come with superior metallurgy can easily be squandered through poorly chosen, bulky insulation: materials with high levels of dielectric absorption and poor mechanical characteristics; materials that rob signals of detail and energy. Crystal’s cables are built around single, heavy gauge solid-core conductors, yet remain thin and flexible because of their unique construction. The only company to use thin and resilient Kapton tape as a core insulator, it significantly reduces the volume of insulation and eliminates a soft, lossy layer in a critical position. Combined with the elegant simplicity of true coaxial construction and a thin Teflon sleeve the result is minimalist construction that delivers more music than ever before.Single Crystal Silver suppliers

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