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Rotary Kiln manufacturers

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[Maximum output per unit]: 150T
[Motor power]: 55
[Scope of application]: Hazardous waste disposal production line
[Applicable materials]: Domestic garbage medical waste solid waste incineration and various hazardous wastes.
Product Introduction
The accumulation of large cement rotary kiln Tongli heavy machine technology for many years in 2006 for the development of toxic waste pollution of the rotary kiln incineration equipment. After years of technical improvement is a mature equipment. The rotary kiln is mainly composed of a kiln body a transmission device a supporting device a wheel retaining device a kiln head sealing device a kiln tail sealing device a kiln head cover etc.
Structure Principle
Incineration rotary kiln is the only ideal choice for waste containing a variety of difficult to burn substances or a large range of changes in the moisture content of waste incineration rotary kiln. The rotary kiln equipment through the change of the rotational speed can be adjusted the residence time of waste in a kiln and hazardous waste imposed strong mechanical collision in high temperature air and excess oxygen in the waste combustion treatment to the maximum extent and minimal ash conveniently processing.
Waste rotary kiln can handle a wide range especially in hazardous waste solid waste waste gas and waste slurry (such as organic sludge and inorganic sludge waste medical waste waste oil chemical metallurgy chemical waste) incineration is widely used
Technical Advantage
1. The device can simultaneously incineration of solid waste liquid gas strong adaptability to incineration.
2. Burning material forward three kinds of heat transfer mode coexist in a furnace the heat utilization rate is higher.
3. Lining refractory materials for different materials long service life and easy to replace low maintenance costs.
4. The transmission mechanism is simple the transmission mechanism are in the kiln shell equipment operation safety maintenance is simple.
5. Supporting the variable frequency motor can adjust the speed of the kiln body control material retention time.
6. The longer residence time of the rotary kiln and the high temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius so that the comprehensive pyrolysis of hazardous waste part of the low burn off the basic waste.
7. According to the design of different hazardous waste graphite seal and scale film seal in two forms good sealing measures and furnace negative pressure to ensure that harmful gases do not leak.
8. Equipment operation rate is high the annual operating rate can reach more than 90% easy operation and maintenance.
9. In addition to prevent the formation of slag in the rotary kiln device while increasing the burning rate of the expansion of the incinerator for waste.
10. The factory has its own electric arc furnace. The main casting material by our own casting more fitting production requirements; and the full use of its own raw material melting workshop quality scraps not from the outside to buy scrap metal impurities ensure the quality of castings so as to ensure the quality of the equipment.
Technical Parameter
Sludge incineration kiln specifications:
Sludge incineration kiln specifications:
Note: The production capacity is based on the initial estimation of the combustion space inside the kiln which is subject to the actual processing material design.
Service Commitment
Adhere to the «Trinity» service concept of pre sale, sale and after sale.
Pre Sale Service:
Provide the user with the product performance introduction, the quality assurance system certificate, the enterprise introduction and so on, let the user fully understand the product of the same force, the production line scheme and the technical advantage, provide the technical advisory service for the user, and tailor the production line plan for the customer.
Sale Service: Let users know and buy our products at ease
(1) Test
Before testing, the products will be tested in the testing center, and the test report of products will be provided to customers.
(2) Train
In order to operate, maintain, and manage the equipment better, the company will arrange for more than twenty years of experienced engineers to train and guide the working technicians.
(3) Install
The company appointed engineering technicians with more than ten years’ experience in installation and commissioning to carry out installation and trial operation on the site and submit test data. After the acceptance of the customer, the product will be regularly inspecting service (including maintenance and maintenance).
After-Sale Service:
After receiving the users’ fault handling requirements, they will give maintenance advice within 2 hours and arrive at the scene within 24 hours. During the warranty period, two times a month to guide the user to maintain and maintain the product, and to send a special person for the maintenance and maintenance of the product on the fifteen day before the end of the warranty period.
We are convinced that the customer has given the opportunity for the development of the same force, the interests of the customers in the first place is the purpose of the same force and heavy machine service, so that the customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!
If you have seen the above product introduction, you still have some doubts. You can leave a message in the following message box, or consult our online customer service directly. Of course, you can also make a phone call. Oh, our telephone number is: 008621-33587123.Rotary Kiln manufacturers

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