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Metal Filter Element

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Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge
The Sintered metal filter cartridge is made of multi-layer metal mesh overlapped and sintered in vacuum. It is then rolled into a cylindrical shape with both ends welded together. This will increase the roundness and flatness of the whole structure. Its interlaced mesh structure forms a rigid structure, which overcomes the disadvantages of low strength and unstable hole shape of ordinary wire mesh. Therefore, this kind of Sintered metal filter cartridge with its outstanding characteristics has received people’s attention and welcome. Due to its high temperature resistance, smooth silk hole, good permeability and high dust collection ability, its advantages include: food, environmental protection, chemical industry, aerospace and many other industries.
鈼?High mechanical strength and pressure tolerance.
鈼?Good corrosion resistance, excellent durability.
鈼?Stable pore shapes, high permeability.
鈼?High dirt-holding capacity.
鈼?Wide service temperature, ranging from -200 掳C to 1000 掳C.
鈼?It can be back washed easily, which prolongs service life.
Stainless steel wire mesh filter cartridge are widely used in pharmaceuticals, fluidized beds, liquid and gas filtration, chemical processing, chemical fiber filtration, food and beverage, oil and gas filtration, polyester and water treatment industries.
鈼?Standard material: SUS 316 L, SUS 304, 316, 304, 317 L, 904 L, 321, titanium, other alloys are also available.
鈼?Filter rating: 0.2 micron to 300 microns.
鈼?Standard outer diameter: 64 mm.
鈼?Other outer diameter: 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 64 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 350 mm.
鈼?Standard inner diameter: 28 mm.
鈼?Length: 10″ (254 mm), 20″ (508 mm), 30″ (762 mm), 40″ (1016 mm), 60″ (1524 mm).
鈼?Fittings: Double open end, single open end, double O-rings.
A. Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
B. What kinds of filter do you produce?
We produce hydraulic oil filters, compressor filters and metal products, and we also can be customized according to your special request.
C. How is the quality of filters?
Quality is the life.
D. Can you design filters according to the working condition?
No problem. Please dont worry.
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