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low price Surface Measuring Machine

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1. Product Introduction
The roundness measuring machine adopts a new throttling design, which guarantees the top-class rotary precision of measurement and the baring up to 100kg. Using the current international mainstream software engineering model, making the measured project can be defined once and the measurement more simple. Roundness measuring machine can be used for ripple analysis, spectrum analysis, contour analysis, waveform analysis, harmonic analysis, SPC quality analysis and automatic elimination of notch/burr. Using the new USB transmission scheme, the data transmission rate can reach 350K/S.
2. Product Parameter
Rotary tables:
Effective worktable diameter (mm) : 140
Maximum measured diameter (mm) : 580
Maximum load bearing (kg) of the workbench: 100
High level self-aligning range: deflection 卤2mm, pitch 卤1.5
Radial rotation accuracy: 卤 (0.03m +6H/10000) 渭m, H is the height of measurement (mm)
Axial rotation accuracy: 卤 (0.03m +4X/10000) 渭m, distance from X to the center of rotation (mm)
Column part:
1.Maximum measuring height: 300mm
2.The maximum measured depth: 褎 32 mm 脳 170 mm (standard needle)
3.Drive mode: manual
Arm section:
Maximum measuring range: 200mm
Drive mode: manual
Measurement range: 卤500渭m
Load: 70-100 mN
Measuring needle Angle: 卤45
Direction of measurement: both directions (manual reversing)
Needle contact: manual
Collection system:
System transfer mode: USB
System resolution: 16-bit AD
Circle acquisition points: 8,192 points/rotation
Pressure: 0.41 MPa
Air consumption: 30L/min
Power supply: 220V AC, 50HZ
3. Product feature and application
Roundness measuring machine adopts polar coordinate measuring method, and it has high rotary precision. PC or tablet computer for motion control, data collection and data analysis. Displaying the measurement results in the form of graphics and tabular. It is widely used for measuring roundness, cylindricity, taper, diameter, coaxiality, concentric degree, parallelism, perpendicularity, run-out, straightness of cylinder bus, straightness of end face, run-out of cylinder end face, flatness, angle, small section arc and diameter of ring parts.low price Surface Measuring Machine

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