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Lithuim Titanate Battery suppliers

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1. Product specification manual of typical LTO battery of GCC
No. Content Parameter Parameter
1Nominal voltage2.35V2.35V
2Nominal capacity15Ah20Ah
3Voltage range1.5-2.75V1.5-2.75V
4Internal resistance锛?.0m惟锛?.8m惟
Length: 147mmLength: 147mm
127mm without tabs127mm without tabs
thickness: 6.5mmthickness: 8.5mm
7Standard charging rate4C4C
8Standard discharging rate4C4C
9Sustainably change under large rate30C,锛?0%30C,锛?0%
10Continous charging and discharging at large rate20C,锛?0%20C,锛?0%
11Operating temperature-40鈩冿綖75鈩?/p>-40鈩冿綖75鈩?/p>
12Storage temperature-40鈩冿綖60鈩?/p>-40鈩冿綖60鈩?/p>
13Life circle锛?0000/times锛?0000/times
2. Outstanding performance in technology
3. Safety of Lithium Titanate(LTO) Battery
When a short circuit occurs, the high conductivity Li7/3Ti5/3O4 is converted into the low conductivity Li4/3Ti5/403, which effectively reduces the instantaneous current, greatly reduces the heat value compared with other negative electrode materials, ensures that the temperature rise of the battery is slower in a short time, and provides the time and possibility for emergency disconnection measures.
Safe discharge can continue after damage
When a short circuit occurs, the battery can continue to discharge safely regardless of whether the short circuit is pulled out or not.
The fully charged LTO battery can be directly disassembled in the air, and the temperature rise of the fully charged LTO negative pole piece directly exposed to the air is extremely small, even if the positive pole piece and the negative pole piece directly contact with each other, the temperature rise is not high.
4. Electrical characteristics of Lithium Titanate Battery-Long life
Capacity retention rate of 5C/5C with 32450 charge and discharge circles of LTO single cell made by GCC team is 82%(continuous test time exceeds 3 years)
The charge and discharge cycles(accelerated aging test) of 5C/5C LTO single cell made by GCC team were 10,000 times, with no significant capacity attenuation.
5. Electrical characteristics of Lithium Titanate Battery-Shelf life
The long circle life of LTO battery has been widely recognized, and it needs special attention that its shelf life is also very excellent, which is a real long life system. The following figure shows the test of 50% SOC shelved for 600 days, during which the open circuit voltage is tested irregularly, with almost no change for 600 days.
After the 50% SOC was put aside for 600 days, the reversible capacity of the test did not change.
6. Electrical characteristics of Lithium Titanate Battery-High power
LTO battery is of high-power performance and can charge/discharge at large rate
7. Electrical characteristics of Lithium Titanate Battery-High temperature performance
High temperature performance comparison:LTO battery has the best high temperature life.
LTO battery works normally at high temperature of 75鈩?/p>
Comparison of Volume Fractions After Circulation at 80鈩?for 24h
8. Electrical characteristics of Lithium Titanate Battery-Low temperature performance
The battery’s low temperature -30鈩?charge-discharge cycle test time is 100 days, without attenuation, and its performance does not change after returning to normal temperature. For lithium batteries with common carbon negative electrode(containing iron lithium and ternary), charging at low temperature for several times will lead to battery damage and great safety problems.
Low temperature performance of LTO battery module
9. Electrical characteristics of Lithium Titanate Battery-Module lifeLithuim Titanate Battery suppliers

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