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Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is realistic in appearance and can be installed over all sub floors including over underfloor heating in all areas of the home. Well, except in rooms where there is high levels of moisture 鈥?such as wet rooms, bathrooms or kitchens. In these rooms, you鈥檒l want to opt for ceramic tiles.
A click fit floor looks something like this from the side.

Due to the Click Fit Installation System, both DIY enthusiasts and those looking to save on installation costs are opting to install their own laminate floor. The perfect floor installation is now easily achievable by the average person with a desire to ruin a relaxing weekend by trying to install their own floor.
All our laminate Flooring uses a click fit installation system. With these folks, each of the laminate planks are milled with click, which click easily into place. This allows the laminate to ‘float’ over the sub floor without the need for glue or nails. This is floating in the sense that it sits freely over the underlay.
Install the laminate flooring by yourself now.
1) Prepare the sub floor before laying down the flooring by removing nail heads protruding from the surface. Then walk down the entire surface to check for squeaks. Drive a 2-inch drywall screw at each noisy spot on the surface.
2) Lay an underlayment or a moisture barrier beneath the laminate floor that will help deaden sound. There are different types of underlayment available, pick the one suggested by the flooring manufacturer and be sure of taping the seams.
3) Before installing the floor, calculate the width of the flooring planks on the first and last rows.
4) Always start installing laminate floors from the left side of the room and you working on the right.
5) Use a tapping block to close the joints as the tongue-and-groove planks fit very tightly together.
6) Use carpentry tools such as a jigsaw, circular saw or a handsaw to crosscut laminate planks to the desired length.
7) While installing the last row of flooring, snap together all planks end-to-end. Then, tilt the entire row into the place against the next-to-last row. Straighten-up the tongue-and-groove joint and press down the last row.
What’s the flooring looks like after installation?Laminate Flooring

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