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Impact Crusher price

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The impact crusher adopts mature manufacturing technology and unique structure design, which can make the crushed finished particles become cubes, without tension and cracks, and the particle shape is more perfect. It can crush the feed size not more than 500mm and the compressive strength not more than 350Mpa Of various coarse, medium and fine materials. Impact crusher can be widely used in various ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries. The discharging granularity can be adjusted, and the crushing specifications are diversified.
1. High efficiency and energy saving
2. Large feed inlet, high crushing cavity, high hardness of adaptable materials, large lumps, and less stone powder;
3. The product has a good grain shape, and the gap between the impact plate and the blower can be easily adjusted, effectively controlling the discharge size, and the grain shape is better;
4. Compact structure, strong machine rigidity, and the rotor has a large moment of inertia;
5. High comprehensive benefit, high chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and high impact force.

1. Longer life span
The gap between the impact plate and the blower of the impact crusher is adjustable, and the blower operates stably. At the same time, the equipment is also equipped with an over-iron safety device. When non-crushed materials enter the machine, the equipment will automatically stop to discharge the easy objects. However, the damage caused by foreign objects to the components is reduced and the service life of the equipment is increased.
2. Easy replacement of spare parts and low maintenance cost
There are 6 blow bars installed on the rotor of the crusher, and the blow bars can be easily replaced with tools. It only takes one shift to replace a set of blow bars. The replacement of the bottom grinding cavity and grinding rod takes only ten minutes, which greatly reduces the time and cost of overhaul and maintenance.
3. Large crushing ratio
The crushing cavity of the impact crusher is deeper than that of ordinary crushing equipment, which increases the number of materials and enables materials to be crushed in the cavity. Compared with traditional crushing equipment, it has a larger crushing ratio and uniform product size.
4. Large operating space, which can handle materials with high humidity
When processing materials with excessive water content, the feed chute and impact plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with heating devices to reduce the adhesion of materials. The impact crusher does not need to be equipped with a bottom screen to reduce clogging.
Working principle
Impact crusher is a crushing equipment that uses impact energy to crush materials. When the material enters the impact area of the blow hammer, the high-speed impact of the blow hammer causes the broken objects to be continuously thrown toward the counterattack device installed above the rotor, and then rebound from the counterattack liner. The blowback to the blow hammer action area is again Counterattack, the material is repeatedly crushed in the crushing cavity from large to small. Until the material is crushed to the required size, it is discharged from the lower part of the machine.Impact Crusher price

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