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Product Details:
The Slip鈥侽n鈥侾ipe Flange is a flange that extends the steel pipe, pipe fittings, etc. into the flange and is connected to the equipment or pipeline through the fillet weld. Advantages: The flat welded flange with neck is also a flat welded flange, because it has a short neck, which improves the strength of the flange and improves the bearing strength of the flange. So it can be used on higher pressure pipes. Disadvantages: The cost is higher than that of flat welded flanges. Due to its shape, it is easier to bump during transportation.
The materials of the Slip On Pipe Flange
Size Range: OD: DN15-DN600
Standards:HG/T20592~20635-2009锛孏B/T 9116-2010
Ordering Instructions:
1. The materials, size, quantity, package requirement and delivery port shall be provided.
2. Listed as below:
Port of loadingNingbo/Shanghai
Production timeConsult us
PaymentT/T, balance T/T, before the shipment, can be negotiated
Sample delivery time3-6 days
PACKINGKnitting bags
Application of Products:Chemical engineering, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, freezing, sanitation, plumbing, fire fighting, power, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc.
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