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Dough Moulder suppliers

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MZX380 Dough moulder is the indispensable for any bakery to obtain toast bread, long loaves and any other kind of «folded» shapes. The machine operating limits cover a production range of pieces from a minimum of 50g to a maximum of 1200g.
Standard Features
鈼?Suitable for production of long loaves
鈼?/a> Special material of rollers which prevents sticking
鈼?/a> Robustness assures durability with minimal maintenance
鈼?/a> Wheels with brakes enable simple maneuvering of the machine
鈼?/a> Two sets of adjustable rollers
鈼?/a> Adjustable non-stick pressure plate
鈼?/a> S/S curling chain
鈼?/a> Simple cleaning
Technical data
Product NameBread making machine/ Toast molding machine
Cylinder Length380 MM
Power0.75 KW
Weight225 KG
Dimension1460*680*1100 MM
Capacity1000-3000 PCS/H
Dough Piece Range50g-1200g
Toast molder details:
Toast Bread Making Procedure:
If you want to make toast, I think these machines you will need:
1.Spiral Mixer 2.Hydraulic Dough Dividers 3.Toast Moulder
4.Prover 5.Rack Oven 6.Bread SlicerDough Moulder suppliers

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