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Deep Cycle SLA Battery price

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Deep cycle SLA Batteries, Maintenance free, Cycle life is above 350 cycles at 80% D.O.D @20oC/68oF
Model: 6GFM55D Voltage: 12V Capacity: 55AH/10Hr
Dimension: 229*138*208*230mm
Weight: 19.5Kg
Terminal: F4
Product Features
1. Capacity range: 33ah-250ah; Voltage: 12V
2. Long design life (25鈩?, exceeding 18 years
3. High oxygen recombination efficiency: Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and free from electrolyte maintenance and water adding.
4. High specific energy density. Excellent charge acceptance.
5. Wide operation temperature range: 锕?0鈩?to 60鈩?/p>
6. PbCaSn alloy grid: Computer designed lead, calcium, tin alloy grid for high power density, less gassing and lower self-discharge (鈮?.5% per month) .
7. Plates: pasted flat type, special formula of paste and producing process for a long service life, latest grid alloy, excellent discharge rate performance
8. Separator: AGM separator with high adsorptive and low resistance, extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit and increase the assembling pressure.
9. Raw materials: High purity to ensure low self-discharge rate and long service life.
10. Battery container: High strength ABS (UL94-HB, UL94-V0) material. Flame-retardant ABS is optional.
11. Terminal: Solid copper terminals
12. Terminal sealing: Double sealing (mechanical & epoxy) technic.
13. Vales: Unique vent valve design to control water losing and to prevent air & spark entering. Sensitive operate pressure and reliable equipped with explosion-proof arrester and acid filter.
14. Automatic manufacture line: to raise the life and uniformity of batteries.
15. Exceptional deep discharge recovery.
16. Compliant Standards: GB/T 19638-2005, IEC60095. Certified ISO9001/ ISO 2001/ ISO14001/ OHSAS18001/ CE/ UL/ VdS.
1. Solar system
2. Communication System
3. Wind energy system
4. Electric power system
5. Electric powered vehicles
6. Golf cars and buggies
7. Power tools, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners
8. Toys
ModelVoltage (V)Capacity (AH)Dimensions (mm)TerminalWeight 卤4% (Kg)
The battery is FIRSTEK Valve Regulated lead acid battery. It is guaranteed under FIRSTEK company policy (www.firstekbattery.com).
The FIRSTEK Sealed rechargeable lead acid battery (VRLA/SLA) is leak-proof and maintenance free. The superiority of VRLA/SLA battery is derived from its uniquely efficient oxygen combination technology. The oxygen evolved from the positive plates diffuses through the micro porous glass fiber mat (AGM) to the negative plates where it is changed back to water by recombination reaction, elimination the need for water addition. The result is a maintenance free battery.
How to tell whether a 12V battery is charged or not
Only 12 volt lead-acid battery can be charged by electric battery charging equipment. There are two basic physical types of lead-acid batteries, one is sealed maintenance free, the other is open top maintainable. Sealed maintenance free batteries are not allowed to check the level of battery liquid inside each battery. The open top of the maintainable battery allows the user to check and add liquid to the battery. Both types of batteries can be easily tested for full charge.
Step 1: Connect the 12-volt automobile headlight to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Keep the lights connected for about three minutes. This will remove any surface charge from the battery if it is newly charged. Surface charges are generated during the charging process, which can lead to false results in the following tests.
Step 2: Insert the red marker of the voltmeter into the connector marked «volt». Insert the black pen of the voltmeter into the connector marked «com». Turn the switch on the voltmeter to the «DC volt» position
Step 3: Touch the red wire on the positive pole of the battery. Connect the black lead to the negative.
Step 4: Read the DC voltage value of the instrument surface. By reading the meter, observe the following values to evaluate the condition of the battery. A voltage of 12.7 volts or more indicates that the battery is fully charged. A voltage reading of 12.4 volts will indicate that the battery is only 75% charged. When the meter reads 12.2v or 12.0V, the charging rate is 50% and 25% respectively. Any reading below 11.9 volts indicates that the battery is fully discharged and that the storage device may be damaged. The voltage reading of 10.5V and below indicates that the battery is seriously damaged and needs to be replaced.
When repairing any lead-acid battery, follow FIRSTEK’s specifications and maintenance details. Some types of batteries may require special precautions. Be sure to charge the lead-acid battery in a well-ventilated place. The charging process releases a highly flammable gas that can be ignited by any open flame. You need the item 12V car headlight voltmeter.Deep Cycle SLA Battery price

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