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Decking manufacturer

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Extreplas庐 Decking floor is the third generation of new type outdoor building materials launched after timber and wood composited plastic. Natural beauty wood grains with 0% wood fiber in raw materials, also have excellent performance at strength, impress resistant and ultra-low moisture absorption. It solves two key defects of WPC outdoor applications: cracking during installation, Water-absorbing deformation and mildew due to insufficient waterproof performance. Only In terms of service life, Extreplas庐 is triple, even quintuple than wood plastic composite.
The advantages of decking floor
Water absorb close to 0%!
1. Comparing rot, brittle, corrosion, fade, short life with wood and WPC, the expand or contract of plastic lumber will be very small problem for outdoor furniture. We can solve this problem through reserved gap .if you do mind for this problem, how about considering about our fiberglass-reinforced products. The Thermal Expansion for fiberglass-reinforced grade will reduce 40%.
2. Product is not harmful to people. The raw materials are made of high quality PE recycled plastic, safe and non-toxic; There is no need for surface preservative treatment like traditional wood, so WINSTAR plastic lumber will not leach any harmful substances and will not pollute the soil and water.
1. Should it be per-drilled before install?
Pre drilling is not necessary, But pre drilling will make it easier to install and look neat.Decking manufacturer

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