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Customized Fiberglass Figure Sculpture


Our History
The company is an environmental art enterprise pursuing high-quality services. Founded in 2015, it has been responsible for the landscape design of sculptures, water features and squares in more than 100 cities at home and abroad, and many of its works are classics.
After years of innovation and renewal, the company has become a leading large-scale enterprise engaged in sculpture art and environmental engineering in Zhejiang and even in the country. The company has a number of senior sculptors, and an energetic and infinitely outstanding design team. Engaged in the sculpture industry for many years, skilled sculpture production talents and professional construction and installation teams.
Our Factory
In the service tenet of «quality first, credit first», we constantly pursue bold innovation and strive to contribute more art works to society. Dedicated to the majority of customers with the best works, the most suitable prices, and the most complete services.
Any success is the result of down-to-earth and continuous accumulation. We believe that-only with sufficient accumulation can we continuously surpass.
Our Product
City sculptures, figure sculptures, portrait sculptures, reliefs, copper casting, rockery, sandstone, stainless steel sculptures, murals, dance set props, etc.

Product Application
Schools, parks, city squares, halls, lawns, water features, building facades, etc.
Our Certificate
ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, 2018 China’s top ten brand contractors of environmental art engineering design and construction integration, etc.

Production Equipment
Laser engraving machine, welding machine, crane, cutting machine, sander, steel pipe bending machine, air compressor, spray gun, etc.
Production Market
Wenzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Nantang Block Sculpture (EPC) Design and Construction General Contract, Cixi Hangzhou Bay Secondary Vocational School Campus Relief Procurement Project, Sculpture of Thanksgiving Character at Seoul Station Exit, South Korea.
Our Service
1. Pre-sale service:
a. Provide users with technical consulting services for free.
b. Provide users with product samples, company profiles, credit credentials and other information.
c. Invite users to our company to inspect product design, product manufacturing process, product prototype, product testing facilities and quality management system.
d. Invite users to visit the units of the products sold by our company and listen to their opinions.
e. Our company can assign experienced technicians to design and select free of charge according to the site conditions and technical parameters provided by users.
2. Sale service
During the product manufacturing process, the relevant technical personnel of the user are invited to visit our company to inspect the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and provide the relevant technical standards of the product to the user’s technical standards and inspection results.
3. After-sales service:
a. After our company’s products are shipped, send a special person to the customer’s receiving site to take inventory and deliver the goods.
b. Free on-site commissioning service for the products sold.
c. Free guided installation service for the products sold.
d. Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team mainly composed of technical personnel. After receiving the user’s service information or feedback, make the user’s satisfactory response and processing within the shortest time.
e. Our company’s product warranty period is one year.
f. Our company implements «three guarantees» service (return, replacement and repair due to quality problems of our company).
g. The quality of the after-sales service personnel sent by our company is judged by users (users sign opinions on the «User Feedback Information Sheet» issued by our company). According to user judgments, honor the rewards and punishments of our company’s after-sales service personnel.
h. Our company has set up a complaint telephone number: 0577-59953189. If you are not satisfied with the service quality of our company’s product quality after-sales service staff, you can make a complaint, and our company will deal with it seriously.
i. Our company visits users regularly to understand the use of the product and help solve various problems that may be encountered during use. At the same time, solicit opinions on quality and technical improvements in order to better serve users. Customized Fiberglass Figure Sculpture

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