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cold rolled motor lamination steel factory

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Jiangyin hengtong electrical appliance co., LTD., foundedin 1989, is a collection of silicon steel sheet science and technology researchand development production of forging processing and marketing in an integratedenterprise, the company’s business mainly covers the EI type transformer coremanufacturing, motor iron core production and special specifications of siliconsteel sheet iron core processing and manufacturing.
In order to ensure the quality of products, betterservice customers, the company set up more than 20 people, the quality of theteam and more than 10 research and development team of engineers, the inviteindustry expert on mould daily equipment maintenance, and in 2016 by jiangsuprovincial high-tech enterprise certification. There are 12 patents onintellectual property.
Company has introduced Taiwan, Germany, 300 T, 200 T, 125 T, 80 T, 45T, 60 T, 25 Tfully automatic high-speed precision punch and all kindsof ordinary punch, with all kinds of standard, non-standard high-speedprogressive precision mold 300 to pay, the 2 sets of high precision slittingequipment, and has the domestic advanced heat treatment and a full set ofprecision mould processing equipment and testing instruments, etc. The companyproduces all kinds of silicon steel core, including the electric core of themotor, the iron core of the ignition coil, the sensor iron core, and the heattreatment of the sheet of silicon steel. We are able to meet the demand of thecompany and sell well both at home and abroad, and have a good reputation inthe industry.
In the long term, the company has beenguided by the strategy of «quality forever», which is the mosteffective way of feedback customer’s request and building a professionalproduct concept. From the traditional processing and manufacturing to thefurther processing of silicon steel production to meet customer requirements, reduce customer production costs, optimize the customer’s production processand improve the customer satisfaction. And successively for the transformerindustry, state grid industry, household electrical appliances industry, military industry, shipbuilding industry in the auto industry, aviationindustry, the elevator industry, wind power and other well-known brandmanufacturers at home and abroad supporting products.
Hengtong electrical appliance is dedicated to «theneeds of customers need» business philosophy, andexpects to join hands with you to create a harmonious future.cold rolled motor lamination steel factory

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