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CNC Machining China

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Brass Material: CNC Brass Machining
Brass is commonly found in plumbing fitting, home d茅cor and musical instruments largely due to its soft material and easy workability. Due to Brass鈥檚 high polish, it is often found in cosmetic applications and makes for a nice material to use for home d茅cor. It also doesn鈥檛 spark when struck with another metal, making it ideal for use in environments that are potentially explosive. Free-cutting brass historically had added lead to help with machining but can now be found without lead. Naval brass is typically much harder to machine than 鈥榝ree-cutting鈥?brass, but it can be polished very highly. It is also naturally resistant to corrosion at sea.
CNC machining brass parts
CNC material selection guidlines
Brass Grade
鈼?Brass C360: A highly machinable material, C360 is the lowest cost of all brass alloys. Sectors: industrial, commercial
鈼?Brass 260: The most ductile brass alloy, 260 is used in greater quantity than others of this variety. Sectors: industrial, commercial
CNC machining brass articleCNC machining brass products
Brass260鈼廏ood corrosion resistance
鈼廟esistant to most chemicals
鈼廝late stockElectronic hardware and contacts, fittings, commercial products, AerospaceCNC Machining China

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