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China Twin Screw Plastic Extruder

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Product Introduction
PA exists naturally and can be artificially synthesised as well. PA can be divided into three categories: Aliphatic Polyamides (such as nylon PA6 and PA66), Polyphthalamides (such as PA6T) and Aromatic Polyamides (such as Kevlar and Nomex). As such, PA has a very wide application area.
For PA modifications, each category has different demands as they vary in mechanical properties. For example, nylon is quite soft, so enhancement of mechanical strength is one of the modifications. Similar to other thermoplastic modifications, adding additives and plasticizers are the main method for modification. Twin screw extruders are common practice in modifying PA and it is important to choose the right screw element combinations based on the category of PA. Yongjie is highly experienced in PA modifications and we would recommend the following cooling and pelletizing methods: water strand pelletizing and under/in water pelletizing.
Product Data
For modified PA, below are the graphical illustrations of the four pelletizing methods:
Water Strand Pelletizing:
Under/in water pelletizing:
Below is the technical data for PE masterbatch twin screw extruder production line:
Product Application
PA modification is one of many thermoplastic processing that our twin screw extruders are capable of! Below are the main applicable plastic formulations:
Product Qualifications
Our products are fully CE and ISO9001 certified. Please see below our certificates:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A.How many types of screw elements are there and what are their functions?
Twin screw extruders has two co-rotating spindles, where sections of screw elements are lined up on them. The screw elements perform a major role as they are the ones that processes the materials. There are several categories of screw elements available and they all have different functions, such as transmission, shearing, kneading, etc. Each category also has many types as they differ in angles, forward/reverse direction, etc. A suitable combination of screw elements is vital in getting good quality plastic granules.
B.What is your delivery method?
All products are fully and tightly wrapped with thick, water-proof industrial plastic foils. The wrapped products are then packed carefully inside certified wooden crates, and transferred into the cargo container. Depend on your destination, the sea freight can take from 2 weeks to 1.5 months to arrive in your factory. In the meantime, we will prepare all documents and sent them to you for custom clearance.China Twin Screw Plastic Extruder

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