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Cast Iron Disc Brakes factory

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鈻?Our History
The brakes in Jiaozuo area occupy a place in the world鈥檚 brake industry with advanced technology and high-quality production process, which provided an absolute condition for HongQiao brakes by shares Co.,LTD.
It is to be noted that this decade witnessed a bumper harvest in the result of effort. Particularly, the company passed through ISO 9001quality management system certification in 2002, and another typical example emerged from 2003 was that a variety of products have been issued by National Special Examination Center.
Today, HongQiao brakes by shares Co.,LTD. is such a professional manufacturing and service that enriches the fruit-bearing development of drum brakes and disc brakes. With the criterion in technology has been set up, it will proceed steadily in the foreseeable future.
鈻?Our Factory
It is inevitably worthy of mentioning that our company is located in No.2, east side of Yuntai Avenue, Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, which covers an area of more than 80000 square meters.
We have our own production workshops and advanced production equipment, professional technical personnel and creative design talents. The company has 18 senior engineers and technicians, 86 middle and primary engineers and technicians. In this perspective, it contains more than 130 professional large-scale production equipment specification, more than 50 testing equipment, and three brake production lines for a variety of purposes.
Since the rank-shifted devices have been fully implemented, it can provide more than 50000 sets of standard products for users, which exerted a strong force upon non-standard products according to the user鈥檚 requirements.
鈻?Our Product
Jiaozuo Hongqiao brake Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and after-sales technical service. Its main products include ywz-ywz13 series drum brake and YPZ, SE, SH, SP, SB, SBD series disc brake, electromagnetic brake, YLB series wheel side brake, windproof brake and top rail brake. Simultaneously, YT1, ED, YPA hydraulic station and other driving devices play an ancillary role in operational procedure.
Strictly speaking, heavy emphasis in deeper array of products is placed on are drum brake and series disc brake. Among them, YWZ-YWZ13 series drum brake is the product that contains a core component built around many years of technology and production experience.
It is recognized soon that the drum brake is such a newly developed high-tech product that will lead up a broader market.
鈻?Product Application
It has been suggested in fact that our products have been applied in hundreds of large domestic enterprises as well as medium enterprises, metallurgy and the railway have been carried out its authentic and commonsense application thereby.
From a functional point of view, the intermittent electro-hydraulic brakes established basic principle of flexibility, the caliper disc brakes effectively activated the safety; and what鈥檚 more, the certain countable number of ED or YT1 propellers oriented to the finite property of reliability.
鈻?Our Certificate
It is a reasonable assumption that the intrinsic approval in our company comports with the untapped potential of our products. Timely, what can reaffirm the supportive and fundamental truth is that our company passed through ISO 9001quality management system certification in 2002. It is perfectly intelligible as it stands.
鈻?Production Equipment
As far as it is concerned, our manufacturing facilities are materialized by professional management, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, perfect precision instruments and quality assurance system. And equally, we have inertia braking test-bed with high power, working-status storm device, and all varied driving control devices as well. Though they continues to be widely acknowledged , they are widely used.
Since it witnessed a new division and demarcation of manufacturing facilities, it will perceive the progressive continuity in the modern sense.
鈻?Production Market
To meet the need of times and give play to the role of market, we have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. In a similar way, the products sells in distant market of each region with a solid foundation and sustainable progress, and the Southeast Asia is in particular.
On this basis, this path will seek to be entered upon by the immediate, accurate and desirable outcome.
鈻?Our Service
Our company adheres to the Create Demand, Consumer Guide of the service concept; unequivocally, it not only built long term customer satisfaction via product quality, strong and technical marketing support, but also covered efficient sales, distribution and logistic services.
Moreover, we has set up specialized technical department. In this regard, it could provide an alternative to our customers to let them have little control over initiating interaction in pre-sale service, give an extensive instruction so as to them to receive controlled error-free practice of use concerning in-sale, and satisfy interface condition of operational procedure in after-sale service.
It often seems to have sense that our service is coherent with respect to product development and internal work facets, which is beneficial to the establishment, enforcement and preservation of relative marketing.Cast Iron Disc Brakes factory

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