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briquetting plant equipment suppliers

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Best Briquetting Plant Equipment Manufacturer from China
How to make coal/charcoal briquettes from coal/charcoal fines? How to press steelmaking dust into briquettes? And which kinds of equipment we need? Are you still trouble about these problems? DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY is known as the professional briquetting plant equipment supplier from China, will guide you know well the whole production line!
Before you built your briquettes plant, you shall know the following issues:
1, what is your raw materials, coal or charcoal or mineral powder ?
2, Your raw materials moisture content, particle size;
3, Which shape and size of briquettes do you want to get, at least you shall know the applicable of these briquettes;
4,how many tons per hour do you want to produce?
Now, we take coal as sample, brief description for application of these equipment:
1, Rotary Drum Dryer, used to dry the powder materials , applicable for coal, sludge,mineral powder, sawdust also, sand, and any small particle size materials. We take coal as sample, during the briquetting process, the moisture content shall be less than 15% which is mixed with binders and water. So we need to control the raw materials moisture content or it will greatly effect the pressing process and drying process after briquettes; The rotary drum dryer will be used less if your raw materials moisture content less than 10%;( check the rotary drum dryer page to get detailed technical date and information)
2, Hammer Crusher: widely used to grinding the raw materials to control the feeding size to the production line, assembled at the beginning of the production line. For mixer and press process, the raw materials shall be less than 3-5mm, which is best size request for pressing into briquettes and final briquettes strength is best also. You need one set of hammer crusher if most of your raw materials particle size is more than 5mm. (detailed technical date check the coal briquettes crusher page)
3, Binders feeder device: There are two kinds of binders are widely used in the briquetting plant: liquid binders and powder binders. But no matter any kinds of binders you assembled in your production line, you must make sure your feeder device can control the feeding quantity, which plays an important role in briquetting process because of cost need to be calculated for each tons briquettes.
4, Mixer: Double shaft mixer or wheel mill mixer. Two of kinds mixer are all widely used in briquetting process, but for different kinds of flow chart. But double shaft mixer will be more easy for automatic controlling for the production line, and no need extra workers for double shaft mixer. But for wheel mill mixer, one worker for each wheel mill mixer for raw materials feeding and binders added and discharge also, not easy to design it to complete automatic control. But the mix result, wheel mill mixer is better than double shaft mixer, and the binders can be controlled exactly.
5, briquette press machine, known as roller briquette press machine also. There are many kinds of briquette press machine, such as hydraulic briquette press machine, high pressure briquette press machine, common briquette press machine. Different kinds of briquette machine will be recommend to customers based on raw materials information and final briquettes applicable. The press rollers are the key spare parts for the press machine, mainly depends on the materials and assemble type. 65Mn, 9Cr2Mo and High Cr alloy are widely used in marked now!
We recommend our connection rollers for high pressure briquette machine and common briquette machine, because easy rollers changing work and less cost for spare parts!
6, Final briquettes dryer device. Vertical dryer, tower dryer, mesh belt dryer, and chain plate dryer. Final briquette dryer device if necessary equipment in large production capacity plants. Vertical dryer and mesh belt dryer is traditional dryer device, and tower dryer is almost same with vertical dryer with large size. Chain plate dryer are popular now because of large drying ability and less briquettes damage and less spare parts changing!briquetting plant equipment suppliers

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